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I have been practicing law in the central Florida area since 1989.  I have focused on areas of the law that are very confusing and difficult for most people to understand.  I like to educate my clients who have been injured or who are suffering an illness so they will better understand how the law affects them.  I want what is best for my clients.

If I were to hire a lawyer or any professional for that matter, I would want to speak with the person that I hire.  That is the way I run my practice.  When you call for a consultation or if you are my client and have a question and call my office, you will speak directly with me, not a paralegal, secretary or legal assistant.  That is the kind of representation I would want and that is what I offer.

If you have been injured on the job, in an auto accident, slip and fall, and have questions or need legal assistance, give me a call.  If you have applied for and been denied Social Security Disability and believe that you are permanently disabled, call me for a free consultation.